Character Development

A character’s priority motivated their course of action throughout a play or story they are in. The priority list is derived from David Menasche’s book, The Priority List.

The Priority List
  • Acceptance, Adventure, Artistic Expression, Career, Education, Family, Friendship, Fun, Health, Honor, Independence, Love, Marriage, Possessions, Power, Privacy, Respect, Security,  Sex, Shelter, Spirituality, Style, Technology, Travel, Victory, Wealth

The purpose of the activity list is to relate to a character by listing about their top ten priorities. Of the cast of characters, I’ve decided to explore Mercury’s priority list. Mercury is about the easiest to prioritize because he also doubles as the narrator of the play.

In the prologue, Mercury sets the stage and his character. He claims he is there first and foremost to help his father, Jupiter, in his quest to bed Alcmena during the length night. From this statement, it is easy to place Family as Mercury’s first priority. However, Mercury also fears for his life, since his father is a god, and therefore Security can also be placed along aside Family. Since his duty to his father is also as a god, Career then falls in line with privacy, since his task in the play is keeping away the real Sosia and Amphitruo.

After going through the whole play, I have developed the following Priority List for Mercury:

  1. Family Security
  2. Career Privacy
  3. Fun Adventure
  4. Power
  5. Respect
  6. Travel

As students go through this activity with a text they are reading, have them support their claims. Otherwise, they do not truly connect to the characters. Using the tool Hypothesis, please comment how you or your students would prioritize any of the characters from the play Amphitruo.